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Black lives matter

During theses past few months I have gone between fear, sadness & rage.

The concept of this page was not to document current world issues, but to create an IG page full of pink, love & femininity. I’m in awe of the beauty in this world & I try & show that in this space. However, 2020 is definitely making it’s mark in our history books and therefore it has been impossible not to create works surrounding such world changing matters. My NHS Nurse illustration was inspired by the first UK ‘Clap for our Heroes’ after hearing and seeing the British public come together to clap from their windows & doors steps during a time of such sadness moved me deeply. Now fast forward to 2nd June whereby the social media world came together & vowed not to post on their accounts after the brutal killing of GeorgeFloyd, one of many black lives taken due to racism. Scowling down my Instagram feed on Wednesday & seeing it filled with black squares brought tears to my eyes. It was beautiful to see so many accounts showing their support for BLM, but unfortunately my appreciation quickly turned to anger. WHY in 2020 are we having to protest that black lives matter?

I have many questions, but I think it is safe to say that we have a lot more work to do. Anybody who thinks that we have created a society where everyone is equal are very wrong.

If as a nation we can come together to clap for our care workers, why can’t we come together & STAY together to fight for quality? Worldwide quality. The black squares are not enough, the hashtags are not enough, the art is not enough. This needs to be a FOREVER CHANGE.

This is an evolving conversation that requires evolving education. This is NOT the time for Black people to turn on each other over minor differences in opinions. This is NOT the time to segregate white people. This movement needs to be about ALL skin tones coming together to fight for what is right.

BE CURIOUS Get to know people from other races. Read books that challenge your preconceptions. Watch documentaries that inform your values, AND DO NOT turn a blind eye to racist acts; big or small. The time to act is now AND FOREVER.

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