Written on 24th September 2019

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Late 2018 I found myself in a prolonged negative place. I had everything I (thought) desired around me, but still felt sad, unfulfilled and lost.

I spent hours scrolling through Instagram just trying to distract myself from a lingering unhappiness within me. Searching for something, but not knowing what I was searching for....It was on one of these unfulfilled nights that I found art again... My journey began with me sunk into a corner on the sofa at 3, 4, 5 in the morning in deep solitude creating drawing after drawing, lost in every stroke I made and only interrupted by the occasional leg cramp. It was in this place, and this place only that I could slip out of my funk, emerge from my self-imposed exile and into a new found happy place.  A place I could only describe as home. Somewhere where it just felt right.

After finishing my fine art degree 9 years ago, I packed up all my paints and paintings and stored them in my mother’s loft, vowing to reunite with them once I was in a more financially stable career.

But what I discovered was, you cannot hide from what you were put on this earth to be. It will only leave you feeling unfulfilled, lost and yes, unhappy.

Your gift, your primary passion is the essence that runs through you. Your soul will not find peace until you are doing what you born to do. It isn’t a choice, it’s fundamentally who you are. Who you were born to be. 🎨: Paintings @artbylrm 📍:@the_skinny_kitchen


L x


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