Lauren Rogers-Martin/Artist/north London artist/ual/


‘I cannot think of any better representation of beauty than someone who is unafraid to be herself” – Lauren Rogers Martin

The art of story telling for Lauren lies at the tip of her paintbrush, as she takes to her canvas and explores the realms of her creativity. It has been a skill and passion she has innately nurtured throughout the years stemming from her childhood. A journey that inspired her to study Fine Art at the University of the Arts London (also her hometown) which helped define and cultivate her style as an artist and a illustrator. However it was not until January 2019 where Lauren felt inspired to share her designs and style on a global platform, entwined with a passion to collaborate with other aspiring female talents looking to make their mark in the world.
Lauren’s palette of inspiration has always been the soul of romance; love, accompanied with vintage photography enriched by her personal expression of femininity, which is why one of her signature elements tends to be the merging of abstract figures against floral backgrounds, inviting an element of beauty into her designs. The joy in what Lauren does involves the application of various artistic techniques to create dynamic and impactful effects. Essentially it’s all about blurring the lines between art and reality through which the artist in Lauren is able to create a dream that speaks to you.
Lauren passionately believes art to be an outlet of expression that is constantly changing within as well as in surrounding global muses. The magic of the process is being able to capture a moment in its most simplistic element and bring it to life with strokes of colour set in her unique story of nuance. Lauren’s personal rule? To keep authenticity at the heart of her designs.